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2D Drawings to 3D Model Conversion Services

When you begin to convert 2D to 3D, the first step for you to take is getting a set of 2D Blueprints. Then, you have to convert it into a 3D model with a piece of 3D CAD software. This generally begins with a conceptual design by some firm that wants to create some kind of item. It can be a part of a motor or a custom hood from someone’s car. With CAD drafting services, buyers can get the 3D models that are necessary to take to a CNC machinist or some other individual who has specialty in the area of injection molding. In expert hands, these molds can be utilized to create things like fiberglass or carbon fiber and make a part from the mold that has been designed by the 3D model.

2D drawings to 3D Model Services

Benefits of Data Conversion Outsourcing

Data conversion outsourcing can take care of all conversion requirements. The process can help standardize your data or information and store it for easy use in the future. Small businesses can save more time and money by opting to outsource 2D drawings. Computer Aided Design services is a huge sector in which Indian outsourcing firms have demonstrated constant success.

2D Drawings to 3D Model

Many design, documentation and AEC companies in the UK, the USA and various countries of Europe are outsourcing their service requirements to avail 2D drawings in India. These companies are enjoying many benefits in the form of cost-effective production, excellent expertise in CAD Conversion and Drafting Services and on-time delivery of services.

There has been a dramatic evolution of firms dealing with architecture design and detailing. The main architecture firms have started to accept design assignments from architecture firms in Europe and America. The Indian architecture firms are provided with conceptual designs that helps in the elaboration and production of the whole set of design documents. Even presentations and services are being made in India.

Things to look for in Data Conversion Outsourcing Firms

If you are planning to outsource drawings to any of the data conversion outsourcing firms in India here are a few things that you need to look for.

  1. Check for updated services – Companies which offer CAD Drafting services need to update themselves to international standards and current developments in the field of architecture. Many CAD Projects are designed, drafted, planned and analyzed to ensure that they are in conformity to international standards.
  2. Look for security – Whether it is a conversion project for an industrial firm, a commercial building project or a drafting project, all the associated details need to be properly secured.
  3. Look for accuracy – All drafting projects should come with 100% accuracy. Engineers can use computers to change and modify the designs very accurately and easily.

Whether you want to outsource 3D model or 2D model, you can rely safely on Enggservices2india. Our expert designing team can create high quality 3d models India prepared with the help of the newest CAD technologies and tools. You can outsource your 2D drawings and even get 2D sketches if you outsource your existing 3D models. After 3D models are built, we make 3D general assembly to visualize how a product is created. For the purpose of technical presentation, we may also offer 3D sectional drawings. We make use of third party programs like 3D Maya, Revit and Tekla which are widely used to make CAD Drafting projects.

3D Model Conversion Services

As an offshore outsourcing partner, Enggservices2india can offer you very cost-effective CAD conversion services. You can send 2D files in Tiff, JPEG, PDF or any other format and get detailed 3D models at affordable costs. If you need an exclusive team for any 2D to 3D conversion project, we can readily offer you one and ensure a fast turnaround at a competitive price.

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