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Drafting House Plans and Autocad House Plan Project including Country, Modern and Luxury House Plans

Many offshore clients send us the hand sketch or rough sketch of the house/apartment plans by mail or fax and once we receive the plans we convert it to working cad drawings.Enggservices2india also specialize in different tools used in drawing hose plans such as Floorplanner,Metropix, the mobile agent and other cad tools.

Drafting House Plans

We also have built the digital library of custom cad tools used in cad drafting of house plans. We also follow client standard for drafting house plans with multi layer drawing standard.Enggservices2india can become your ongoing outsourcing partner for cad drafting of house plans ongoing basis.

Drafting House Plans

Enggservices2india can become your ongoing offshore outsourcing partner on delivering Cad conversion services at cost effective manner.

Please reach us to Enggservices2india to know more about the outsourcing business model to develop long- term business.Enggservices2india can handle “Build transfer and Operate [BTO]” model is an offshore outsourcing business plan where we build the exclusive team and transfer to offshore clients and team will be managed by us on your behalf ongoing basis. If you have any queries please reach us at: info@enggservices2india.com

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