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Enggservices2India Provides the professional paper to cad conversion services and we digitize the scanned legacy drawings in to working vector drawings .Maintaining paper drawings is long process and costly to carry for long-term so by converting to electronic format we can operate drawings cost effectively. We also work on Indexing and achieving process to speed up the process after digitizing. We specialize in converting scanned paper drawings by making professional cad drawings so that customers can access easily and store digitally for future references as well as to avoid from occurring damages.

We use your scanned drawings or images as background where our engineers will be tracing accurately using cad tools. We also use standards given by client as well layers, titleblocks, lineweights, colors to keep the drawings quality high. We can also follow customers dimension style and instructions to keep drawings as per the factory standards. We offer cost effective conversions as competitive price and will assure you on faster productivity with quality outputs.

We have converted numerous documents and drawing to cad format such as Mechanical drawings, Architecural drawings, Floorplans, Shope drawings, Constructional documents, Survey plans, Engineering drawings, General assembly drawings, Exploded assembly drawings, Electrical wiring diagrams and HVAC layouts.

We can handle bulk number of conversions ongoing basis as well as we build remote working team of engineers for offshore customers based on need and volume of project. You can outsource any kind of drawings/documents for cad conversions so we will assist you quickly with the completed sample file from our engineering team. With outsourcing to Enggservices2india we assure you that you will receive world-class services at affordable prices.

Enggservices2india can become your ongoing offshore outsourcing partner on delivering Cad conversion services at cost effective manner. Please reach us to Enggservices2india to know more about the outsourcing business model to develop long- term business. Enggservices2india can handle “Build transfer and Operate [BTO]” model is an offshore outsourcing business plan where we build the exclusive team and transfer to offshore clients and team will be managed by us on your behalf ongoing basis. If you have any queries please reach us at:info@enggservices2india.com

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